4. Practical Yoga for Trying times

Pandemic is what we seeing as killers. It seems that the human race is meeting an extreme challenge to overcome. Scientists are doing their workday and night but what is our duty and responsibility towards self and others.
What scientists are saying – we smut follow. In this case they social distancing, mental distancing causing isolation. And isolation may cause anxiety, depression, stress, and suffering.
When we suffer from challenges due to isolation, we even start creating problems with near and dear ones also.
What should we for ourselves and others around us?
The mind has a habit of running outside in the world to people, things, objects, works, etc. There is only one reason for the mind running outside seeking pleasure, peace, happiness. Eastern Wisdom which is 6000 years old tradition, with 3000 texts and teachers, shows the path with clarity followed by simple, easy, and effective practices to manage day-to-day challenges in trying times.

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