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Applied Mindfulness or Meditation

Applied Mindfulness & Meditation

Let’s Take A Journey and Evolve

(Applied Mindfulness or Meditation from eastern wisdom aims at discovery of our true nature. The true nature is behind, above and deep behind what is known and experienced by the mind e.g. body, brain, breath, mind, emotions, intellect and ego. When we try to find meditation or mindfulness in what is known to the mind, we try to impose principles of science that does not know the ‘soul ‘of meditation/mindfulness. However, science can definitely help understand the changes in the ‘non-self’ i.e. body, breath, brain, mind etc. How science can ever know, when it rejects the very presence of ‘self’ as consciousness. The series explores the journey of Applied Mindfulness / Meditation based on the teachings of more than 3000 masters and their teachings in a 6000 years old tradition)

The eastern wisdom clearly explains the ‘self’  is our  ‘true nature’ that is present behind the body and mind. The body- the matter in the human being is evolved to allow the mind to manifest. The mind is the middle term, which is evolving and there is something that is yet to be evolved.

Sri Aurobindo, the great master explains that life evolved out of matter and mind evolved out of life. He argues that life is hidden in the matter, life evolved. Similarly, the mind hidden in life was evolved. Therefore it is obvious that nature is evolving ‘something’ out of the mind. We can name this entity ‘self’ or ‘higher mind’ or anything else. This is the subject matter of mindfulness or meditation.

In the mindfulness/meditation state, everything undergoes change. We may say the body is upgraded at functional and structural levels and the mind also undergoes the change at a functional level.

The regular mindfulness or meditation ‘fires the brain to rewire it’ is not a new concept as suggested by neuroscientists. It is a fact that these changes were taking place even before researchers have found it.

The only difference is that masters of eastern wisdom explained these changes at subjective and objective levels – lightness, the natural and optimum level of functioning’s of organs and systems, greater immunity, higher resistance power, minimum sleep with greater energy, absence of duality in the mind that cause stress and suffering, fearlessness. Patience, inner peace, happiness, wisdom, love, and compassion.

The mindfulness or meditation brings total transformation. This total transformation takes place when we discover one day that we are now living and working in meditation 24X7. The time, length, and type of meditation or mindfulness do not matter as long as a person experiences the changes that are in tune with teachings.

The key to success is to practice regularly with clarity and conviction.

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