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Series knowing thyself is awakening

1. Knowing thyself is awakening -1 Personality vs. Existence
2. Knowing thyself is awakening -2 why should we evolve consciously
3. Knowing thyself is awakening -3 Exploring the Inner space for awakening ( add all five layers)
4. Knowing thyself is awakening -4 why should we evolve consciously
5. Knowing thyself is awakening -5 why should we evolve consciously

Knowing thyself is awakening -2 why should we evolve consciously

Change – progress and evolution

What is progress and evolution – both are a change in a different dimension? Even growth, development changes but a particular way. We grow, develop, evolve, and also transform in life. Philosophers, normal thinkers, average men all use the same alphabets but their usage of words comes from different layers of consciousness and existence. animals and the human race both are governed by animal instincts of food, security, sex, and sleep, however, both use or used by it, makes the difference. A great spiritual master and normal and average material man, both need food, security, and sleep if not sex. But then there is a qualitative change in eating, sleeping, safety needs. From where this quality comes in a spiritual or awakened while average follows social consciousness. Even when both have the same brain, mind, life force, body, and life in the same material world. Looking at both, we can point out some qualitative change at a much deeper level that is or appears to beyond material, mental and intellectual levels. A reference can be made out of evolution.

Mind – observation, choice, and control

We human race do not learn in the womb of the mother but begins we take birth. The moment animal offspring take birth, they are preprogrammed by the nature. Here nature is a consciousness force, who regulates and controls the basic needs. What about human babies, they seem to be helpless and it is the mother that nurtures and helps them to learn skills to survive and grow in life. Most mammals learn to survive within a few months or years while human young ones take an entire life to learn. Mind in mammals are governed mostly by nature and are preprogrammed. Man is a mental being who mentalizes everything, says great sage and master, Sri Aurobindo. However, metallization comes from the ability of the mind. And that ability of the mind is in human beings are – observation, choice, and control. A mammal cannot go to the store, stand in a queue, and wait to buy food from there while the man does all the time. Man can control by making a choice after observing the events in life. The mind of man has a choice – to be governed by nature or govern nature by taking over the control. Those who take over nature governs nature, thereby, animal’s instincts and other activities. Those who are dictated by nature remain with more or less with animal minds. What is the problem? The problem is that the mind is evolving because of its ability of observation, choice, and control, still, man does not evolve. When he does not evolve, led by nature, lives unconsciously and subconsciously in his entire life. While the pressure of nature continues him to evolve. There begins the conflict between the urge to evolve set forth by nature and submitting to forces of nature. This results in stress and suffering as man has not made a choice consciously.

Basis of yoga and Tantra – three factors

The entire yoga, Tantra, spirituality based on three factors, beautifully explained by Sri Aurobindo.

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