Layman’s Guide of meditation

Layman’s Guide We Write Only Applied Mindfulness

Layman’s Guide We Write Only Applied Mindfulness

When Mind Changes, It Fires The Brain To Rewire It. Until We Accept Mind, Mindfulness Does Not Exist

Science says that the brain changes its structure and function, which is popularly known as neuroplasticity. There is a kind of obsession with this concept of the brain- fire the brain to rewire it. The eastern wisdom explains that when the mind changes, it changes the brain. The regular practice of mindfulness changes the brain.

Is consciousness the matter or otherwise

Because science in doubt suggests that the mind is an activity of the brain. They will not confirm that it is the change of mind, changes the brain. The eastern wisdom says that the mind is created when the self (consciousness) comes in contact with the matter. Science has yet to understand if consciousness is the product of matter or vice-versa.

Who am I?  And awakening

The principle of eastern wisdom says that when the mind drops the non-self in mindfulness, it awakens to self. The self is pure consciousness or witness consciousness that never changes. It is the state that fires the brain to rewire it. There is a faint idea and experience that there is something that never changes and presents in all stages of life- childhood, adult, old age. It is also present in different experiences of stress, pleasure, pain, suffering, relationship. This is what we call “I”. We arrive at the main question – who am I?

The very change speaks of the truth, that we are something beyond the change. We may call it as self or superman or pure consciousness.

It is our daily experience that we are different from the matter or Prakriti. We are a conscious being. Self is the knower, perceiver, and seer.

To know the seer or the knower is the state of mindfulness or meditation.

We know through our experience that I  or “self” remains the same since birth, growth, decay, old age. What changes is the Prakriti? This self is known as Purusha. The word ‘Purusha’ means ‘the one who dwells in the Prakriti’.

We live in a house but we are not the house, it is our daily experience.

To know the knower and seer of the body (the house) is mindfulness or meditation.

The popular definition, ‘paying attention non-judgmentally…..’ does not lead to a real mindfulness state. However, it helps in reducing anxiety, inducing relaxation, and overcome fatigue.

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