Shanti meditation program - rest and relax

Why your brain needs idle time to rest and relax

चिन्तायास्तु चितायास्तु बिन्दु मात्रम् विशेशतः ।

चिता दहति निर्जीवम्, चिन्ता दहति जीवितम् ॥

chintayastu chitayastu bindu mataram visheshatah. |

chita dahati neerjivam, cheenta dahatee jiveetam. ||

Chinta (worry) is like chita (pyre) they differ by dot (‘n’ in their spellings). Chita (pyre) burns dead, Chinta (worry) burns Living.

Worry burns the living person and pyre kills the dead. Worry is a problem that we like to solve but it does not exist. The mind is preoccupied with worries and past impressions. It is the mind that divides the time in past, present and future. we regret past, compare to present and worry for future. Time links mind with objective reality i.e. people, place, possession and events. When mind seeks pleasure in people, place, possession and events outside, it relates to time. At brith, mind was not associated with anything outside, mind was working naturally i.e. happy, smiling, playing , fun and joy. Can we help mind return to that naturalness , where it perceives the world as it, not through the eyes of mind that colors with cravings, desires, opinion, wishful thinking etc.

Mind is the cause of suffering and happiness. The impure mind causes the suffering and the pure mind causes happiness.

Thinking is great ability of man but not to think for few seconds is remarkable. It helps relax the brain and raise awareness and attention. It creates wonder to the brain when mind stops talking to oneself all day around.

When a person commits to become a seeker on the path by rising his mind from impurity to purity by easy and simple practices daily, he is qualified to mindfulness. at the same time, he starts living in calmness, manages fatigue, improves sleep.

We can influence the brain through mind. When we work on the mind that leads to mindfulness state, it can evolve the brain. What science says brain changes its structure and function, is realized through living in mindfulness.

The mental state of worry, craziness, laziness, reaction constantly agitates the brain. It causes anxiety, stress, pain, emotional upsets and much more. If we work on the mind, we can work on the body and the brain, can change attitude, and behavior. The state of mindfulness   minimizes the impact of stress on the brain through mind during problems, challenges and pain and suffering.

The pressure on the brain increase due to stress, fatigue, negative thinking and worries. It fires the brain negatively and rewires that causes the adrenaline rush. We suffer -physically, mentally, emotionally, socially depending on the situations.

We can give brain an idle time by educating the mind to live in relaxation, indifference by withdrawal of senses from objects, tolerance, faith and keep fire of aspiration to discover the true nature. It is the healthier state of mind that leads to mindfulness.

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