Retrain the Brain and Discover Inner Happiness

Retrain the Brain and Discover Inner Happiness

Retrain the Brain and Discover Inner Happiness

Retrain the brain, release stress & discover inner peace and happiness program

This unique program explores the workings of body, breath, brain, mind, and intellect to retrain the brain, release stress, and discover inner peace and happiness. This program is designed by integrating the latest understanding of neuroscience and principles of eastern wisdom explained in two texts written 3000 years ago.

About the Program

Interactive program to help transform life and awaken to inner peace, happiness. 5 stages of learning for progress and perfection

What is the program

Personalized practices with clear explanation and understanding from eastern wisdom and science

What I will get

Relaxation, peace, wisdom, management of anxiety, fatigue, depression etc.


Ready to make a choice to change your life

Self-inspire to learn and practice the guided techniques

Anyone who is interested and inspired to change his personal, professional, and social life

It is free from any …target audience

Your valuable 60 minutes a joyful experience


each session is customized depends on the need of a person/ group.

Each session- 60 minutes

Minimum – 5 sessions

This program is for YOU, if you are ready to transform your life.

Learn how to replace stress response with relaxation response.

–Retrain body, brain, breath and mind to restore well-being.

–Manage day-to-day challenges of anxiety, stress, fatigue & insomnia

What we do

Manage PAIN, achieve well-being and awaken

Learn, educate and evolve

Every session includes interactive talk on the principles, personalized practices, sharing of experiences, tips to remove obstacles, progress and transformation.

Applied mindfulness/meditation and other specialized practices

Three factors to succeed

Learning the principles from the eastern wisdom

Contemplation for clarity and applying in life

Regular practice with wisdom

Simple, effective and customized practice

Experience the change from the first session

Natural manifestation of inner peace and happiness

Natural management of stress and suffering

The source and inspiration

Eastern wisdom 6000 years’ old tradition supported by 3000 teachers and texts. We careful select practices most suitable for you to bring about a change in life.

In person- private session online or in person on request

In Group – NJ

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