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The perennial question – who are we and identity crisis

The perennial question – who are we and identity crisis

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Module -1 gives you knowledge, practices, power, and experience to start working on the mind that changes the brain. The brain changes your attitudes that bring about change in personality and life. When the mind works on us, it makes us lazy, crazy, reactive, stressed, negative, and suffer.

Yoga explained in authentic texts as a deep meditative state. It is science and art of unfolding the subjective reality. Science discovers the objective reality. Yoga evolves human beings and discovers the real self. The question is what real-self is? Is there a false –self or superficial self? We live our daily life as a spouse, employer, employee, father, mother, son, daughter, etc. Before any label, we are a human being. The ‘human’ part indicates outer personality, and ‘being’ is at the center, indicates the true nature of existence. The problem arises when we live with attachment to outer personality, which creates an identity crisis.

The dilemma of subjective reality baffles the science

The matter and objective reality is the basis of science. If it is ready to search the subjective reality, it has to break its conventional wisdom of understanding everything based on matter. It baffles science and rejects, avoid, or ignores it.

As long as the mind defines the subjective reality, it will remain the objective reality or the matter. Then, is there a possibility or method, to transcend the material and enter into subjective reality. The meditation or mindfulness state transcends the mind. Alternatively, it keeps the mind in abeyance. Because consciousness is a self-aware force, it keeps us aware of the state, without mind. Consciousness is the self or very self. It is self-aware, so it does not need a mind to know, what it is. The traditional wisdom says that it is Turiya or the fourth state. It is the container of all three states waking, dream, and sleep.

Is there a fourth state?

When we evolve to the fourth state, it fires the brain and rewires it. Perhaps, great masters discovered that the brain could change by inducing the meditative state. When we change the mind, it influences the brain. The brain dictates consciousness until the mind moves with objective reality. In a meditative state, when the mind is kept in abeyance, consciousness dominates the brain –its structure and function both. In these moments, the mind evolves and changes our attitude, behavior, values, and traits. The mind aligns with the traits of consciousness.

The meditative state is the fourth state – the subjective reality, devoid of matter

The authentic texts explain that traits of the consciousness are pure awareness, wisdom, truth, love, and bliss. The ‘pure’ is ‘pure consciousness’ indicates the ‘objectless state of mind.’ The pure consciousness further manifests in more than 64 traits like beauty, inner peace, happiness, calmness, steadiness, compassion, etc.  These traits begin to transform the conditioned mind. The recent advances in neuroscience had been understood in different terminology in the past. The neuroplasticity and epigenetics at its peak are what is awakening and realization. We discover and experience our innate goodness. It manifests in the body, life, mind, and brain.

We change because our mind changes in meditation or mindfulness. The brain changes, because of the changes in mind.  In the absence of any material data for the mind, neuroscientists declare the famous phrase, ‘fire the brain to rewire it.’  The fact remains that we cannot influence the brain without the mind. The mind is a functional entity and has no material presence. Scientists do not want to accept the challenge to break the age-old notion of matter as the basis of every phenomenon.

Upanishad – texts convey the message to discover the subjective reality

Many great masters and their disciples scribed the groups of texts based on their experiences and practices they did to discover the subjective reality. It is interesting to note that there are more than 300 texts were written on the same subject. They gave it a common name – the Upanishad. The Sanskrit word, “Upanishad” means ‘sitting nearby (disciple sits nearby the enlightened master who reveals the knowledge and practices of awakening and realization).

The real meaning of Upanishad – ways and means to succeed

Sitting nearby with a commitment to pursue the path of self-realization, destroying the stress and suffering and loosening the reign of ignorance is the real meaning of Upanishad. There are 108 famous Upanishad texts. Every text follows a different path but with the same goal. These masters understood that there are many paths to the same goal of awakening and realization. There are many practices to fire the brain to rewire it. There are many methods to help evolve the mind and helps others to follow the same path.

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