Don’t ask how long to practice

Don’t ask how long to practice, tell the mind to never stop it- the way to awakening

Don’t ask how long to practice, tell the mind to never stop it- the way to awakening

We don’t have time to practice

Our mind experiences modern life as an age of anxiety – hurry, worry, and curry. We are in hurry the moment we wake up from sleep, no doubt some of us are in a hurry ready to sleep. We are in experiencing hundreds of worries in day to day life-how to earn more; how to live in peace in a relationship; how to help my kid to do school work or manage ADD. The curry represents the food we eat – it also causes too much concern for us- we are eating inorganic food, not good; we are eating organic or vegan foods, good I know, still have many challenges in life.

Our mind is totally absorbed in the objective world – parents, children, marriage, money, prestige, recognition, working. We are always busy because the mind is habitually moving outside on objects, people, places, events.

Why don’t practice?

The simple answer is – we are busy? Ask the mind – why you are busy? Because of people, places, objects, works, etc. After all, we have to take care of the people around us, we have to work, we have to please people. There are hundreds of excuses we have in our daily life.

What are the relationship between mind, time, and mindfulness

We never or afraid to say – we don’t have time to breathe. We never ever think – we have no time to empty the balder. We like to care for everyone, everything, every event in life because we are seeking happiness and happiness. But what we get is a pleasure – short-lived, it goes away, and the mind returns to hurry, worry, and curry. The mind is always looking for time and not looking for itself. Mindfulness is the way to look at the mind, study the mind, change the mind, and evolve it so that it is not affected by time.

What mind does for us? What should we do for the mind?

In the absence of mind, we can’t think, speak, and act. With mind, we suffer and live in a hurry, worry, and curry. What should do to this mind? The answer is simple, the way we work on our car as an instrument, similarly, we should work on the mind, instead of the mind works on us an causes stress and suffering. This is what masters for 6000 years had passed on the Eastern Wisdom.

What is the mind working on me, and we work on the mind?

Anxiety, pain, suffering, worries, etc enter our life as experience – know that mind is working on us. Problems in a relationship, pain in the body-mind are working on us. Any challenge, adversity- the mind is working on us. What is the way we learned from society, culture, modern life—

  • Anesthesia – when there is a need to extract a tooth or surgery, doctors prevent the mind to experience pain. Still, pain is there. Pain is still there but the mind is not there. What we do in our daily life – we many ‘anesthesia’ to prevents pain- overeating, over-busy, complaining about time, people, things outside.
  • Engage in pleasures to help the mind forget the pain and suffering – by drugs,

What happens when we work on the mind

  • The mind allows inner peace, happiness, love, and wisdom.
  • The mind helps us to drop the wrong notion causing pain and pleasures.
  • The mind lives in a purified state and constantly allows our real nature to express in thought, speech, and action

The mind works 24X7, we need to work on the mind 24X7

The moment we claim, that we do the practice of mindfulness or meditation for 10-20-30-40- minutes, we are not doing the practice. It does not mean we should not do the practice daily and regularly. The concept of time takes us far from meditation. The simple question we should ask- how long I live with our minds. The answer is also simple- 24X7. The great masters declare that the ‘real nature’ is beyond time, so we need to help the mind to transcend the time. It is quite interesting, masters take us on an endless journey by saying – when we work on the mind, the purified state of mind reflects the real nature in our thought, speech, and action

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