गुरुदेव माला-3 माँ को अपने बेटे को , जो 5000 मील दूर हे, याद करने के लिए क्या करना पड़ता हे

Gurudev means divine master. The word divine really means beyond the reach of mind.
Beyond the reach of mind or intellect throws challenge to concepts created by mind. Eastern Wisdom, explains Guru perceives the same and oneself in all beings but when we perceive the past we perceive through concepts and information gathered by the mind
That is the reason , why eastern wisdom says, without guru, the awakening cannot take place, one cannot end suffering.’
The word, ‘Guru’ means moving from ignorance to wisdom. The human guru is in fact, ‘real-self’ within us is expressing before us through him. When Guru teaches, he engages, educates and empowers the mind to evolve us to a state beyond suffering.
Living with the Himalayan master for 26 years is worth living a life. He is Swami Laxman Dasji Avadhootji by name. He is an epitome of grace, kindness, compassion, love and wisdom.
After many years , intellect goes back perceives the truth of what he used to say. It is an evolution. Every master guide through the wisdom even if he leaves the body.
His guidance is still present in life . it ignites within, burns the ignorance and shows the wisdom that was discovered thousands of years ago. I recall the events , meetings and talks given by him when I used to live with him in the Himalayas. The master’s presence is much greater than studying texts, and meditating.
The topics selected the series of small videos are his teachings , guidance and wisdom.
At the feet of my master
Girish Jha

Girish Jha MA, BS, APA (American Psychology Association), RYT-500
40+ years of teaching, training, research, mentoring people – diplomats, technocrats, engineers, doctors, students, men and women.
He is simple, easy, straight and powerful to hammer your ignorant mind to awakening.
Girish Jha invokes the teachings and practices taught for 6000 years. These teachings are everlasting, relevant even today to awaken to permanent happiness, peace, love and wisdom.
Eastern wisdom is an instrument of knowledge aims at discovering our true nature i.e. Pure Consciousness, Truth, Love, Wisdom and permanent happiness.
The beauty of Eastern Wisdom or Darshan is that, their principles needs neither upgrade nor update. It like you as such or your essential nature does not need any update.
Because it is an instrument of knowledge, so it is free from religion, dogma, cult, belief. anyone creates belief around these teachings causing harm to seekers.
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He has studied world religions, eastern psychology, thousands of traditional practices, under the tutelage of 50 Himalayan masters, in addition to his formal education in physics, chemistry, psychology and physiology. He was mentored by Himalayan master in Upanishads, Veda, Sutra, Samhita and Tattva Bodha, Vivek Chudamani etc. that explains the principles, practices and evolution of human being.
Evolve and help everyone to evolve
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Download free audio files for practices: https://www.spreaker.com/user/girishj…
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More About Girish Jha
He had taught in over 100 middle and high schools, his specialized programs and practices to help students manage anxiety, mental challenges. He received a grant from WHO on behalf of the federal institute to work for accreditation’s of yoga institutions. Known in India as a Yoga Teacher, spiritual mentor, guide and practicing yogi. Deeply studies both ancient wisdom and modern science, believing that they are the guide to action for modern people to spiritual perfection and social well-being. His simple and understandable interpretations of ancient wisdom, supported by the fundamental knowledge of modern science, help a person to gain health, harmony, happiness, peace and be realized in society.
In his youth, he left home in the Himalayas to practice meditation living on a modest charity.
Girish Jha dedicated his life to this Master, who dedicated him to the deepest traditions of yoga and still directs his Spiritual practice. He has for many years was the leading teacher and program officer of the world’s only higher educational institution teaching yoga, meditation at Morarji Desai National institute of Yoga Institute.
he worked for
United Nations Drug Prevention Program (UNDPP)
Designed and delivered mental well-being and rehabilitation program to 123 prisoners, suffering from HIV and substance abuse.
International Health Exchange (UN) – complementary well-being program for doctors working for the Ministry of health, Mongolia-
Greystone park psychiatric hospital, NJ– designed and delivered program on applied mindfulness to the staff members

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