Eastern Wisdom Speaks-1 -Knowledge that liberates one from suffering

Eastern wisdom speaks
Eastern wisdom is an instrument of knowledge free from religion, dogma, belief, cult aims at self-discovery.
the real self is beyond the mind , of the nature of truth, permanent happiness, love, wisdom, and pure awareness.
It is subjective reality that shows how one common element – real self is present in every human being.

The journey demands a discipline and education of mind, empowering the mind, follows the evolution and transformation. We should not be carried away by wrong notions that we can instantly succeed in the journey. Buddha took 6 long years. Shankara took many years, It does not mean we need to leave everything, renounce the current life. the journey can and should continue to change the inner space that will bring qualitative change in personal, professional, and social lives. It is a journey to end suffering and awakening within. it is journey that has beginning but no end as it continues to reveal the wisdom hidden within all of us.

The master of eastern wisdom represents 6000 years old tradition and every teacher because he teaches only what wisdom has been passed on to him. It simply means master is well versed in different texts and teachings , personalizes the teaching for his students. The masters are pointers nothing less or nothing more. Because they represent the eastern wisdom, a person becomes a seeker and salutes the master as representative of absolute knowledge within every human being. Are you ready ?

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