01.23.21 Introduction to Upanishads-2

Learning Upanishads are awakening to the real self
Rational understanding of principles of eastern wisdom that is common in yoga, Tantra, mindfulness, meditation
The source and the inspiration
Eastern wisdom 6000 years’ old tradition supported by 3000 teachers and texts. The goal of eastern wisdom is to discover the true nature to end stress, suffering, and awaken to inner peace and happiness
Why this program?
• Learn simple and easy steps to relax within few minutes.
• Educate and empower your mind to induce relaxation anytime and anywhere within few minutes
• Learn mindfulness from the teachings of the masters who discovered it, for 6000 years.
How does the program work?
The program is experiential learning, engages participants to acquire knowledge of the principles of eastern wisdom, followed by small and easy practice, sharing of experiences.
Who can join?
Anyone who is seeking peace, happiness,
Well-being, and complementary approach to overcome addiction/dependence from drugs, alcohol, and other social abuses.
1. Brief history, origin, teachings of Upanishads.
2. How and why to study Upanishads?
3. What are the main principles of Upanishads that can be applied in daily life?
4. Basic principles of Upanishads from Tattva Bodha Summary of 10 principal Upanishads
5. Panch kosha Viveka (five sheaths discernment) to meditation and awakening
6. Detail study of Amri Bindu Upanishad- mind, cause of suffering, mindfulness practice, progress
7. Relevance of Upanishads in modern life, how to apply the principles in daily life
8. Shanti Mantras from Upanishads.

Simple practices of eastern wisdom
1. 4 step relaxation practice
2. Mindfulness -beginners
3. Self-awareness practice
4. Mantra meditation
You can attend the program
Online / in person / group / corporate programs
About Girish Jha : www.girishjha.com
Contact us info@girishjha.org www.girishjha.org The channel is all about Eastern Wisdom. Eastern Wisdom is an instrument of knowledge that aims at self-discovery, i.e., awakening, realization, and transformation. Eastern Wisdom includes yoga, tantra, meditation, mindfulness, mantra, kundalini; all follow the same principles, but different practices customized for other people. Every practice given by teachers all around the world is based on the principles of eastern wisdom. Anyone deviates from it creates cult, dogma, belief; otherwise, it is free from them.

Girish Jha has been teaching, mentoring, and promoting wellness for patients/ seekers, desiring proven results without the reliance (and costs) associated with pharmaceuticals. He has offered services in alternative and complementary mind-body practices, well-being, and illness management programs for the last 40+ years. He has helped improve the quality of life for patients/ seekers with psychological disorders (ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety) and physical conditions (including Muscular Dystrophy, various forms of cancer, and debilitating pain). His patients come from all walks of life (technologists, engineers, public servants, politicians, diplomats, teachers, adolescents, and even medical doctors).
He guides the seekers to move from ignorance ( incomplete to the knowledge of who we truly are) based on the teachings and texts of eastern wisdom. The impact of ignorance covers one or more of the following symptoms: anxiety, anger, panic, grief, chronic pain, physical pain, relationship problems, loneliness. He mentors coach people to know one’s inner potential, awakens to unlimited powers of permanent peace and happiness.

Girish Jha has studied world religions, eastern psychology, thousands of traditional practices, under the tutelage of 50 Himalayan masters. Besides his formal education in physics, chemistry, psychology, and physiology, he had the great luck to meet and receive personal instruction from many great and famous scholars and saints. Still, soon he realized that his life could only be transformed by one great Master – living in seclusion high in the Himalayas, Swami Lakshman Das Avadhootji.
Girish Jha dedicated his life to this Master, who taught and mentored him to most profound traditions. Thanks to him, he realized that only full awareness could bring peace, prosperity, and success in life.

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