Listen, Read, Learn, Practice for Change-1 Knowledge that liberates from suffering

What is the journey in life – job, wealth, career, pleasure, power, possessions. Once a highly successful, wealth person asked my master, ‘what you got after 40 years spending in the Himalayas?’. My master smiled and said to him, ‘ you are talking in terms of gain, profit but I lost everything that did not belong to me – anxiety, ignorance, stress, suffering, pain, pleasure etc. and I awakened to what I already have as my true nature- permanent happiness, love, wisdom, truth.’ This is the journey of life. A journey of life continues that reveals our true nature in thought, speech and action in the journey in life- personal, professional, social and family lives.
Easter Wisdom shows that journey of life where knowledge of our true realized and end suffering.
this makes entire life a celebration.
It is the journey of meditation, mindfulness, Kundalini, Yantra, mantra, Yoga etc. minus popular notions , styles, schools, mysticism, magic etc. Everything is good in the world, it is all a matter to moving from false to truth, the way we realize water that becomes foams, waves, storms but water do not change. similarly, we are living with variety of thoughts, actions, professionals shape, six, gender but essentially one reality – one common element. That common element is here and now – be in peace and keep smiling

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