NJ Corona Challenge-16 freedom & happiness-9 discipline and education of mind aims at self-discovery

Freedom & happiness
Yoga Sutra aims freedom from suffering and awakening to permanent happiness. I lived with the Himalayan master for more than 26 years. He used to speak on how Yoga Sutra can be lived in day to day life. Whatever little I recall, remember, and understand , I created small videos. Learning Sutra from who has given commentary , was none other the great master Vyasa who discovered sutras for self-discovery, meditation, mindfulness, mantra, yantra. It also gives an understanding that Patanjali lived much before what historians believe.
He explains all about mind, its nature, subjective and objective states. he guides how to meditate, succeed, remove obstacles on the path. There is no end to the journey to discover the deeper states of meditation in Yoga Sutra.
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Girish Jha MA, BS, APA (American Psychology Association), RYT-500
40+ years of teaching, training, research, mentoring people – diplomats, technocrats, engineers, doctors, students, men and women.
Girish Jha invokes the teachings and practices taught for 6000 years. These teachings are everlasting, relevant even today to awaken to permanent happiness, peace, love and wisdom.
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He has studied world religions, eastern psychology, thousands of traditional practices, under the tutelage of 50 Himalayan masters, in addition to his formal education in physics, chemistry, psychology and physiology. He was mentored by Himalayan master in Upanishads, Veda, Sutra, Samhita and Tattva Bodha, Vivek Chudamani etc. that explains the principles, practices and evolution of human being.
Evolve and help everyone to evolve

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