Shanti Meditation-Beginner’s : Seekers of peace and happiness

Shanti Meditation-Beginners

How to discover peace within in simple and easy steps?
Shanti Meditation-beginner’s for YOU

• Rest and relax consciously
• Mange fatigue, anxiety and sleep
• Awaken to peace and happiness

60 minutes of interesting talk, practices, experiencing peace and happiness will change your life at work and at home
What is program and benefits?
Shanti Meditation-beginner’s integrates the teachings of great masters and complements scientific understanding of body, breath, brain and mind. It educates and empowers YOU to induce relaxation, discover peace and happiness daily. Thousands of people attended this program over 30 years by people like engineers, teachers, woman and students.
The regular helps improve well-being, raise self-awareness, self-esteem and manage chronic fatigue, stress and anxiety.

Free (no obligation and complementary) offer
Free Self-evaluation of Stress / PAIN level (non-medical method to evaluate your stress level)
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Group Session Online –every Friday at 1.00 pm (EST USA)
Contact for private session at

Mentor and Guide for the program
Girish Jha, MS, BS, has been teaching, mentoring, and promoting wellness for patients seeking proven results without the reliance (and costs) associated with pharmaceuticals. For the last 35 years, he has helped improve the quality of life for patients suffering from psychological disorders (ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety) and physical disorders (including Muscular Dystrophy, various forms of cancer, and debilitating pain). He guides patients to move from a position of PAIN to one of PEACE (which can lead to improved PROSPERITY). PAIN covers the mind, body, and spirit for patients. The impacts from PAIN can cover one or more of the following symptoms: anxiety, anger, panic, grief, chronic pain, physical pain, asthma, obesity, under achievement, family conflict, lack of self-esteem, and even transsexual issues. He has studied world religions, eastern psychology, hundreds of traditional practices, under the tutelage of 50 Himalayan masters, in addition to his formal education in physics, chemistry, psychology and physiology #Easternwisdom #GirishJha #LifeCoach #Mentoring #Mindfulness #MeditationAndMindfulness #Relaxation #Meditation #Mentor #HowToRetrainYourMindToBePositive #Gilbert

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