Shanti Meditation-beginners– What are five stages of awakening in meditation?

What is Simply Shanti Meditation-Beginner Program?

Simply Shanti Meditation-Beginner Program is an easy, simple, effective and effortless practice ranges from 20 -40-60-90 minutes duration (based on the temperament and level of person). This technique combines the integral wisdom from Tantra, yoga, Buddha and Vipassana traditions. The program and practices follows the original and fundamental principles of authentic eternal tradition in its purest form. The practice can be easily incorporated into one’s life as part of daily practice to bring about change.
The Shanti Meditation has the five levels. These levels incorporate progressively higher principles to make the journey of self-discovery, leading to Awakening, Realization and Transformation. #Easternwisdom #GirishJha #LifeCoach #Mentoring #Mindfulness #MeditationAndMindfulness #Relaxation #Meditation #Mentor #HowToRetrainYourMindToBePositive #Gilbert

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