Shanti –Meditation beginner

What is the Simply Shanti Meditation-Beginner Program?

Invitation to unique meditation to the modern man

Simply Shanti Meditation-Beginner Program is an easy, simple, effective, and effortless practice ranges from 20 -40-60-90 minutes duration (based on the temperament and level of person). This technique combines integral wisdom from Tantra, yoga, Buddha, and Vipassana traditions. The program and practices follow the original and fundamental principles of authentic eternal tradition in its purest form. The practice can be easily incorporated into one’s life as part of daily practice to bring about change.
Shanti Meditation has five levels. These levels incorporate progressively higher principles to make the journey of self-discovery, leading to Awakening, Realization, and Transformation.

Who designed and developed this program/course

The eternal wisdom/tradition is 6000 years old, includes Vedic, yoga, Tantra, and spiritual traditions. It is 6000 years old. It is passed on to us, in many traditions, schools, in more than 1000 texts (written before 2000 years back) by more than 3000 great masters.
Every master followed the same fundamentals but with different expressions and customized practices and programs that suit contemporary society. It means practices had undergone changes thousands of times without deviating from the eternal principles.
Acharya was mentored by more than 50 Himalayan masters, from different traditions. He received deep insight into different meditation techniques. Later, he integrated the fundamentals from different traditions to make available, the highest possible meditation practice, in a simple, easy to understand and practice format, to the common man. More than 100000 people – military, students, technocrats, diplomats, and doctors have attended Shanti meditation program/courses/crash/capsule and intensives.

Acharya Girish Jha spent more than 26 years with his master. Later he taught thousands of people before he designed, developed, delivered programs in different stages and levels. He simplified, developed the logical steps into the practices, replacing the rites and rituals, before he made them, available to people. This is the Shanti Meditation-Beginner’s program.

Why the name -Simply Shanti Meditation-Beginner Program

It is named – Simply Shanti Meditation-Beginner Program because it awakens one to the state of peace consciousness. The journey into Simply Shanti Meditation-Beginner’s program is conscious awakening to Stillness, Calmness, Quietness, and Peace. Repeated practice induces awakens one to the ‘peace consciousness’ that one experiences free from the cause, effect, body, mind, thinking, emotions, etc.

What is the Simply Shanti Meditation-Beginner Educational program?

It is five – passive steps to move consciously the mind within to awaken to Stillness, Calmness, Quietness, and Peace. In the state of peace, supported by Stillness, Calmness, and Quietness, the mind begins changing from outward to inward moving, from distractions to stillness, from agitation to calmness, and from the influx of thoughts to quietness. It is a joy to practice. It brings the fundamental change to the mind, where it likes to explore within, naturally moves within, drops, and dissolves the confusions and conflicts, without any pressure, focus, and concentration.
The single USP of Simply Shanti Meditation is that it is free from any effort to focus on any object, image, and mantra. It bypasses the effortful, concentration practice. It guides one to touch consciously the virgin mind, which is empty, spontaneous, natural, and free from clinging, cravings, and concentration.
It is not the only practice that applies to all. There are seven different customizations, designed, to suit every individual/group to experience and awaken to peace consciousness. These customizations help people with different personality types, learned individually or in a group setting, online/offline, based on your convenience and availability

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