Series #1 Ep.#4 Shanti Med.( Higher Mindfulness)-beg. :How four aids secure success in Shanti med?

We Help People Manage Pain, Achieve Well-being, Live in Health, Harmony And Happiness
If you are experiencing any of the following
we can help you…
Personal life
Unable to discover inner peace and happiness.
Drug abuse, sexual issues, infertility.
Mood swings, stress, depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD.
Anger, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, pain.
Back pain, neck pain, headache, migraine.
Illnesses like asthma, diabetes, obesity, GIT issues.
Self-harming, lack of coping skills, self-esteem.
Lack of motivation, loss of memory.
Let’s Take A Journey
To inner peace and happiness.
To creativity and wisdom.
To self-actualization and self-
Losing your job.
Unable to cope with workload, feeling undervalued.
Lack of job satisfaction, lack of control over working day.
Frustration with work environment, lack of support and pressure.
Academic under achievement.
Social / Spiritual life
Peer pressure and relationship issues.
Family conflict, divorce, pregnancy issues.
Parenting, teasing/ bullying, humiliation.
Conditioned mind not ready to break its habitual patterns.

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