200304 How to practice mindfulness with understanding steps

Short, easy, and effective but simple practices for daily life. principles of Eastern Wisdom are explained in a simple and easy way to tread the path to peace and happiness.
Pl, note that we have kept the unedited version for originality.
More than 500 different practices are given to 10000 people

Eastern Wisdom crosses all barriers of religion, dogma, belief. This wisdom reveals by understanding the principles and doing practice in daily life
Eastern Wisdom declares four steps to succeed in any practice
-Listen and learn from a teacher the principles
-Contemplate for conviction and clarity and reflect for freedom from doubts.
-Practice regularly with wisdom- know from the teacher, how many times, when, and where
-Experience the change – give feedback to the teacher for progress and perfection
Every Episode in this show is unique because it deals with suffering, cause of suffering, way to end the suffering, and awakening
Select the title of the series and start the journey
Ideal Practitioner: anyone who aspires for inner peace and happiness can do the practice.
Pl note that we have kept the unedited version for originality
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Girish Jha

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