Self-awareness, Mindfulness and Consciousness ?

Girish Jha is a meeting point for seekers irrespective of age, gender, profession and belief guides, mentors and shows the path from age old teachings that consist of dialogue, talks, and hundreds of practices bring true change.

Meditation guru in Arizona (Girish Jha)

Girish Jha

Mentor and Guide
All experiences happen in the mind. We are different from mind and all the contents of mind, including pain,


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About Girish Jha

Girish Jha, MA, BS, has been teaching, mentoring, and promoting wellness for patients seeking proven results without the reliance (and costs) associated with pharmaceuticals. He has been offering services in the field of mind-body non-pharmaceutical, well-being and illness management programs.

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The source and inspiration

Eastern Wisdom is 6000 years old having 3000 texts/teachers. It includes yoga, mindfulness, Ayurveda and allied sciences. It aims at discovery of subjective reality unlike science aims at discovery of objective reality. Both streams aim at truth and complement each other.

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4 Steps of mindfulness relaxation

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